Algomi’s Experience As A Marketable Asset

Man using his LaptopThe World Wide Web, communication hubs, social networks – wherever you look, you will encounter ways that links are being created to make life easier, faster and more connected than ever before. Fintech Investment Reviews continues this trend with articles focused on the rise and of Fintechs such as Algomi, Investment news and their context in the marketplace.

Algomi has the advantage of being experienced in the bond trading market without actually being a part of it. This possibly has made Algomi an attractive investment. This distance leads to insightful commentary and reflection on Algomi’s place in the wider world. If you have a vested interest in fintech and its players then Algomi Investment should become a part of your network of intelligence. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as visiting their website.

The Creation Of Honeycomb

One of the excellent tools that Algomi brings to market is their buy-side software Honeycomb. The imagery of the name alone hints at what the program has to offer. Through co-operation and logic, the Honeycomb brings structure and connectivity in a seemingly random world. It is designed to create trade opportunities to improve liquidity in the market.

The program is for use by bond traders and is not designed to replace them in any way. This is part of the ethos behind Honeycomb. It is built to support and improve the existing system rather than starting from scratch or offering technology as a replacement for human involvement.

So much of trading is based around instinct and trying to predict the future. Bypassing these skills means losing many opportunities. This is where Honeycomb and Algomi Investments come in. Honeycomb provides data on bond trading in real time. Fintech Investment Reviews gives you background knowledge about the market to contextualise the potential bond trading opportunities available. Only you can bring all of this together for the final, successful deal.

Algomi’s Value

Algomi has taken up a strong position on the global market stage since its inception in 2012. With a recent £8.1 million investment from pan-European company Euronext to boost their international presence, this trend looks set to continue. They champion co-operation and connecting banks, sell-side and buy-side firms and clients to make a better marketplace for everyone.

Fintech Investment Reviews talks more about these moves to help you  get ahead of what might happen next.