Almost Any Part of New Zealand Now Has a Jobless Rate Below 4%

Entrepreneurs talking about the jobless rate in New ZealandNew Zealand’s unemployment rate reached its lowest figure since the last quarter of 2008 up to the third quarter of 2017, as the economy created more than 100,000 jobs every year within that time, according to Statistics New Zealand (Stats NZ).

The jobless rate in the country fell to 4.6 percent between July and September from 4.8 percent during the second quarter. Analysts expected the unemployment figure to reach 4.7 percent for the third quarter.

Jobless Rates

The number of employed Kiwis reached 126,000 in the September quarter. While this was slightly more than the number of jobless people by the end of 2015, but the workforce has become much larger with 221,000 workers.

Recruitment agencies here in NZ such as Quinn Recruitment can help you find a job much faster, especially if you aim to land a job with a specific employer. Almost any part of the country now has an unemployment rate below 4 percent, according to national finance spokesperson Steven Joyce.

Some areas such as Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough and the West Coast even have jobless rates below 3 percent, which indicated that the economy moved “closer towards full employment,” Joyce said.

More Initiatives

Employment Minister Willie Jackson said that their work does not stop with the record jobless rate, as there are still more people who look for jobs. For instance, the unemployment rates for Maori and Pacific people reached 9.9 percent and 9.4 percent, respectively.

Wage growth may encourage them to start looking for work, as salaries rose to a three-year high after increasing 0.7 percent in the third quarter.

The addition of more jobs meant that New Zealand’s economy remains stable. For job seekers, there are many ways to look for work such as signing up with recruiters to increase your chances of landing a job.