Aiming for straighter teeth in 2017?

Woman with straight teethThere is something about order and decluttering that is good for the psyche. And that goes for the mouth as well as the home and the garden. Not only does having well aligned teeth have beneficial effects on bodily health, having a smile to be proud of has been proven to make people happier.

These days, people don’t have to have drastically wonky teeth to be able to get teeth straightening in Kent. Upgrading the smile with cosmetic dentistry is one sure way to make life seem a whole lot better. Many people hide or suppress their smiles because they are embarrassed by their wonky teeth. But, when there are no serious problems with the bite that needs correcting, straightening out wonky teeth can be done almost invisibly and so much more quickly than in the past. In Kent, teeth straightening is being offered by dentists all over the county, including Staplehurst Dental Practice. Many also offer a free consultation to investigate what teeth straightening treatment might do for their patients.

There are quite a few different systems available, so let’s take a look at what dentists are offering:

  • Fastbraces — this is a bracket and wire system that takes only about 120 days to straighten teeth;
  • Quick Straight Teeth — this also uses a clear bracket and wire system. It takes 4 — 24 weeks to straighten the front teeth;
  • Invisalign — uses the aligner system of clear resin trays that gently nudge teeth into a new position over a matter of weeks or months.

In Kent, teeth straightening is also a part of dental implant treatment. If people have been missing teeth for a long period of time, their other teeth may well have drifted out of alignment in their gappy jawbone. These may need to be straightened in order to create space for the implants.

In Kent, teeth straightening often comes as a package that also includes teeth whitening and sometimes even facial aesthetics, to smooth out facial wrinkles around the lovely new smile.

People who are shopping around are advised to check prospective dental practices with the General Dental Council register.