Veneers for a healthy looking smile

Woman Getting VeneersDental veneers make a positive change to the look of chipped or discoloured teeth. Teeth that have been chipped by accidents or injuries are weakened, which makes further damage more likely.

Dental veneers also defend the enamel surface of the teeth against erosion, preventing discomfort and decay. For dental patients in Kent, veneers are used by industry professionals, such as Staplehurst Dental Practice, to enhance oral health and to achieve tidier smiles with straighter looking teeth.

An evolving method

Veneers emerged when the fields of dentistry and special effects met on the set of a film, in California, in the 1920’s. They were placed on the teeth of the actors to match the look of the characters they were playing. The technique caught on with dentists worldwide and has today become a straightforward and effective treatment. The person receiving them is assured of a highly customised treatment with firmly fixed veneers. In Kent, the results can be transformational to a patient’s smile.

The veneer process

The dentist begins the process by measuring the patient’s teeth, using modern technology to provide a detailed picture and ensure that the size and shape of the veneer will compliment the patient’s smile. The veneer is formed to these precise specifications, usually from porcelain or a resin composite material. It is attached using an adhesive gel and sometimes also using an etching technique applied to the tooth’s surface to enhance the bonding process.

The patient’s bite is tested soon after the attachment is complete, so that any small adjustments can be made.

Long life

Dental veneers in Kent, if properly cared for, will normally last between 5 to 10 years. Visiting the dentist for a regular check-up is part of a healthy oral care regime and during these check-ups the dentist can keep an eye on the veneers to see if any maintenance is needed.

In the patient’s day-to-day life, the veneers will protect teeth against tooth decay, and prevent damaged teeth from getting worse. Some patients choose to apply veneers to their whole set of teeth to give their mouth a uniform brightness that can boost their confidence, in what is often referred to as a smile makeover.