What Type of Garden Do You Want?

Man painting a gardenThere are plenty of garden types to choose from. With the help of garden maintenance, any outdoor space can be transformed.

Cottage Garden

A cottage garden champions informal design, traditional techniques, flowers, and a mixture of ornamental and edible plants. They often appear to be casual in structure but, in fact, are usually well-planned and tended.

Traditionally, this type of garden was built around a cottage and enclosed to give it an intimate feel. However, these days, when you have garden maintenance in Chiswick and the surrounding areas, you can achieve the look and feel of a cottage garden in almost any type of plot.


Getting garden maintenance in Chiswick, with a company like Town and Country Gardens, can help you to be eco-friendly, as well as enjoy a beautiful garden. If you let your garden team know that you want to use organic methods, harvest rainwater or set up a composting system, they will be able to help you. From these smaller adjustments to something more extensive like a full eco-system overhaul to support non-mechanical methods or certain kinds of wildlife, the advice of a professional is invaluable.

Edible Garden

Realising the dream of being able to eat fresh fruit and vegetables from your garden all year round is not easy. It can help to engage a gardening service to either get you started, or for garden maintenance. In Chiswick and the surrounding areas, you can find excellent companies for both of these services. Within a few weeks, you could be eating fresh salads, planning for an autumn glut, and having trees planted to produce fresh fruit from the garden.


Your garden is part of your living space and it can reflect aspects of your personality or be reminiscent of life experiences you want to remember. Evoking a certain atmosphere is often the goal of themed gardens. You might want a Mediterranean feel to remind you of long, warm holidays or a Japanese garden for beauty and relaxation.

Whatever the effect you want to achieve, building on a theme takes a little time, patience, and garden maintenance to persuade your outdoor space into certain habits and forms.