Managing Construction Waste: Challenges to Counter

Metal shavingsFor anyone doing construction work, you are aware that waste and debris can pile in the blink of the eye. This is especially true for demolitions. Even if you apply economical methods, you will still generate lots of waste.

Waste in itself does not pose big problems; what you do with it is what matters more, note hazardous waste collection expert in Utah. The question is: Do you recycle your construction waste? Most of the construction debris—from screws and nails to concrete and wood—are recyclable or reusable. Despite this fact, most of these materials pose management challenges as discussed here.

Waste minimization

Subcontractors, builders, project managers and designers can contribute greatly in the waste management process if they minimize waste produced. It all starts with the type of designs used. Some designs are better at minimizing waste than others are. It is also important to adhere to standard quantities and sizes. For construction projects that have lengthy stages, ensure that deliveries and work stages match.

Waste classification

Often, landfills receive materials that otherwise have gone for recycling. Unfortunately, many people have no idea what and where to recycle. Construction waste can contain all sorts of materials, so it is important to sort it. For projects that are too demanding and constrained of time, hiring a waste management company can be an excellent idea.

Waste collection

Waste will eventually have to be collected and hauled to different locations if it sorted. Some waste management firms charge high rates for this exercise, another reason construction sites should aspire to minimize waste as much as possible. At this stage, the focus should be on getting the safest and compliant partner, especially for hazardous waste collection.

Simple adjustments to your management of construction waste can not only save you money but also reduce environmental degradation. Always remember to buy only enough raw materials, stick to standards as much as possible and minimize material that ends up in landfills and you will have overcome most of the challenges associated with construction waste management.