Scrap Facilities’ Role in Sustainable Development: Recycling Metals

Scrap metalsMetals are among the easiest materials to recycle at many scrap metal facilities. You can recycle various metals time and again without losing their value and altering their original properties.

As we all already know, recycling is important. It aids in protecting the environment, diverting waste from landfills and reducing costs of everyday products. Recycled products also have less manufacturing costs.

Copper is among the most popular recyclable metals. Companies use it in making jewellery, electrical wires, building material and plumbing pipes as well as in bronze and brass alloys. Just ask LKM Recycling. Copper recycling is quite lucrative for scrap metal dealers. Scrapped metals have a value that is 95 % of the worth of new copper. Here are a few other recyclable metals:


Steel food containers, cans, and utensils from homeowners as well as steel appliances and furnishings are recyclable. Facilities can melt steel beams, equipment, and broken machines. Then, manufacturers use them to create new products. The alternative would have been to dump them in landfills. Recycled steel has many applications in food packaging as well as automotive and construction industries.


One can find lead in building materials, car batteries, and medical equipment. Disposing of these objects in landfills can lead to harmful effects on the ecosystem. Lead seeps into groundwater when it rains. Lead poisoning causes nerve and kidney damage and learning disability in kids. Recycled lead can be reused to make medical equipment, car batteries, and building materials.


Manufacturers use recycled aluminium to make food containers, cars, airplanes, furniture and mechanical equipment. The energy saved to recycle a single aluminium beverage can is enough to power a TV for two hours. Why? Recycling a can use up only 5 % of the energy required to produce a new can.

Production of recycled metal products also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. This is a step toward protecting the ozone layer. One more thing — recycling metal reduces the quantity of mined virgin ore. It provides manufacturers with a ready supply of raw material without having to produce them from scratch.

Of course, not only manufacturers can contribute to environment-friendly initiatives. We as consumers can do two things — support this through patronising recycled products and find manageable ways to recycle different materials.